Spring in Marquette County is also waterfall season. With over seventy waterfalls spread across the county’s rugged and pristine terrain, these majestic natural landmarks carve out a true part of the area’s identity. Not only are these fresh waterfalls enjoyed by thrill seekers, hikers and tourists alike, but they also make a big impression on local businesses, including the Ore Dock Brewing Company. On April 19, the Ore Dock will release its spring seasonal, Dead River Drops Saison. Named after the Dead River in Marquette where the incredible Dead River Falls cascade, this beer is a fresh tasting spring beer that is sure to welcome the warmer days ahead. Anjila Holland, Associate General Manager at the brewery, is excited to bring back this special release beer again this year. “This is our 3rd year brewing this beer in April, and it will continue to be our spring seasonal release.” “In regards to the brewing process, we basically make a Kolsch in the brew house,” states head brewer Nick VanCourt. “We use low color Heidelbert pilsner malt, some light Munich malt for malty flavors and a bit of wheat malt for body and foam positive protein. We tweak this basic Kolsch formula a bit by splitting that wheat malt 50/50 with oat malt to give a little more body and mouth-feel since our Saison yeast will dry the beer out so much.” Brewery liaison Adam Robarge explains how this beer is directly connected to the valuable resource of fresh water in Marquette that is ever apparent in the spring months. “This ale takes its name from the ribbon of turbulent waters cutting across the basement of Marquette County known as the Dead River. Dropping in behind the season's first fresh winds, this saison tracks citrus appeal and pear-like notes through chutes of crisp, clean German malt flavors…a dead reckoning that spring in the north has arrived! Look for Dead River Drops Saison in bottles and being served fresh on tap this month. Beer connoisseur or not, you simply won’t want to miss out on this crisp and refreshing seasonal release from Ore Dock! In addition, the Ore Dock has started a brewery tour series on the second Saturday of every month. The tour is at 3 pm and no advance reservations are necessary, while the group is limited to 20 people, a 4 pm tour will be offered if there is overflow. The one hour tour costs $7 per person and includes an Ore Dock pint glass to take home, 28 ounces of beer samples as well as a full explanation of one the beers being brewed from ideation to consumption. --Barry Winslow is Director of Public Relations and Social Media at Travel Marquette.