Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Marquette County is a place to seek out an extra special meeting location that combines a serene and natural environment in a private and remote setting.

Gather in a place where the horizon is as endless as your vision. Where you can see the forest and its trees. A place where clarity is encouraged as it allows the stars to shine. While meetings, retreats and team building in Marquette County showcase some of Mother Nature’s greatest assets they also offer excellent accommodationsfine food and craft beer.

A group of friends snow biking near Marquette, MI

When your biggest rush is the sound of a waterfall or set your team’s goals while casting flies in rivers once fished by legends like Hemingway and Voelker, meet in Marquette. Find your natural identity and let your venture be met with adventure with a one-of-a-kind meeting in Marquette County. For more information on opportunities for board or executive meetings, corporate retreats or team building, please contact Sammi at (734) 649-5034 or sammi@destinationmi.com