"You have to go to Marquette and ride." We kept hearing that this winter as we started fat biking. So, we planned our trip to Marquette. Yes, it included fat biking but also much more!

We started off by heading to the Marquette North Trail Snow Bike Route. There are miles and miles of fat biking trails in Marquette and everyone has their favorite spot. We made a plan for what we thought would be a great ride with a lot of scenery along the way and that plan paid off! The trails were in great condition and the weather was perfect. One thing we enjoy while riding is finding spots to stop and take in the views and enjoy being outdoors. We also came across a rope swing that we will be visiting again this summer!

Marquette Fat Biking Trails

Wright Street Falls

Next up, we wanted to check out Dead River Falls before heading to Presque Isle for sunset. Since the temperatures had been cold we knew that they would be pretty frozen and make for a fun experience. In the video, we show side by side comparison of the frozen falls and how they look during summer. After heading to Presque Isle for the sunset, we ended the day by stopping by Blackrocks for a beer on their patio at the firepits. If you follow along with us, you know we are Team Sunset!

Winter at Dead River Falls

 Marquette Winter Sunset

Next up was a winter hike to the top of Hogback. We did this hike in the summer and were looking forward to going back in winter. Because we knew there would be a lot of snow and some ice, we decided to wear our snowshoes. We will point out that this is a fairly challenging winter hike to get to the top. We have even heard from one of our friends that moved "out west" for a while before coming back to Michigan that this is as challenging as many winter hikes there. 

All together this was about a three hour trip filled with fun! The views from the top of Hogback are worth climbing to the top. If you are interested in checking this out, other seasons may make for an easier experience but part of the fun was the snow and ice! 

Hogback Marquette

Hogback Mountain Marquette

Overall, our winter trip to Marquette was full of amazing experiences! There is so much to do in this area for outdoor enthusiasts! Check out our full video below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more in the future!