Mt. Marquette

Mount Marquette, not to be confused with Marquette Mountain, offers an extensive city view accessible by car or on foot, making it ideal for explorers of all ages and abilities. Located just two miles east of downtown Marquette, visitors can reach this scenic spot by turning left on Cliff Power Road. This one-way drive takes you to the top of the mountain and back down to County Road 553.

The view of Lake Superior, the Superior Dome and the city of Marquette from Mount Marquette in Marquette, MI

The road to the summit can be a bit rugged, narrow, and steep, but the short drive is well worth it for the unique vantage point it offers. Note that it's a seasonal road, only open to snowmobiles in winter. From 1,200 feet up, you can experience Marquette from a different perspective and take in the all-encompassing view of the city and Lake Superior.

An aerial view of Mount Marquette surrounded by colorful fall foliage in Marquette, MI

To reach the top, follow Mt. Marquette Road as it winds up the mountain. At the summit, park your car and head to the outlook area for a spectacular view. There are several viewing areas: the first requires a few steps up over rocky, uneven terrain, while the second offers easier footing, walking over flatter terrain. Both provide breathtaking panoramic views of Marquette and its surroundings.


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