Summer beach days are right around the corner and lucky for us, Marquette County is home to miles of beautiful sandy shorelines. To keep our beaches pristine and clean, follow these beach etiquette guidelines on your next visit.

An aerial photo over Lake Superior and Little Presque Isle

Recreate Responsibly

Be respectful of land manager rules and regulations. Campfires and camping are not allowed on public beaches in Marquette County such as areas like McCarty’s Cove, Little Presque Isle, or Wetmore Landing. This is to maintain the integrity of the area and prevent possible damage. Check out these great places to camp instead.

A person picking up litter on a beach

Pack it in, Pack it out

Soaking in the sun, swimming, and having a picnic on the beach is a perfect way to spend a summer day here. However, a full beach day is likely to produce some trash. Make sure to pick up and pack out all trash, including food and pet waste. Consider re-packing food into reusable containers before hitting the beach to minimize trash that could accumulate, or possibly blow away. A friendly reminder that glass is not allowed on beaches.

Sign that reads "Please stay off beach grass" in Marquette, MI

Preserve our Shorelines

You may have noticed these “Please stay off beach grass” signs around Marquette’s City beaches. Beach grass is extremely important in preventing erosion on the shoreline. The local organization, Superior Watershed Partnership, has been hard at work over the years planting beach grass to restore and protect our shoreline. Avoid walking on the beach grass and follow the designated paths.

Sign warning about rip currents near Lake Superior shore in Marquette, MI

Be water aware

Lake Superior can be a relaxing haven of cool water to float in during the summer, but knowing when and where it’s safe to swim is very important. Check the wind and wave forecasts, pay attention to beach flag warnings, and never swim in areas with “no swimming” signs as these can be markers of dangerous rip currents. Tell someone before you go out, and make sure children are under supervision at all times when near the water. McCarty’s Cove Beach in Marquette is staffed with lifeguards from the end of May through Labor Day. To learn more about water safety, check out this page.