Before you embark on your day's big adventure, we highly recommend a quick pick-me-up. When it comes to coffee roasters, we've got tons of tasty options. With over 5 local shops and counting, Marquette County offers so much more than your average cup of Joe. Whether you're just waking up, or you're ready for your mid-day cup, here's 5 must-try coffee spots.

Dead River Coffee Roasters

Dead River Coffee is the kinda cafe where you order a strong coffee, sans sugar and cream, and crack open your book or notebook for a couple hours. There’s something about the peace and quiet, friendly faces, and exquisite coffee that you really can’t get anywhere else. Directions Visit Website

Velodrome Coffee Co.

Velodrome may be the new shop on the block, but they're taking off—and it's all thanks to the couple behind the coffee—and probably the caffeine, too. Plus, their Autumn Specialty drinks are awesome. 'The S'mores', (see cover ?: @velodromecoffeeco) served hot on a bed of beach stones, topped with roasted mallows and graham crackers? Yes, please. Directions Follow on Facebook

Babycakes Muffin Co.

Babycakes is the perfect place to meet a friend for a late-morning muffin and latte, or to pull out your laptop and grab a quick bite on your lunch break. (You can't go wrong with a soup + half sandwich.) They also have homemade bread, fresh fruit, granola, and gluten-free options available daily. Directions Follow on Facebook

Rare Earth Goods & Cafe

A hidden gem in the heart of Ishpeming, Rare Earth Goods is so much more than just a coffee joint. This art co-op/cafe combo offers an eclectic mix of natural, healthy goods, including organic foods, local art & apparel, craft beer, and more. Directions Visit Website

Midtown Bakery & Cafe

Midtown Bakery & Cafe is the best of the best in downtown Negaunee. It’s charming atmosphere and primary colors invite you in, but the baked goods and coffee get you to stay. Not to mention, their desserts are to die for (gluten-free/vegan options available too). If you don’t believe us, order the cheesecake. Directions Follow on Facebook  

Sound like your cup of coffee? Plan your trip to Marquette County, Mi.