Discover hikes of all types in Marquette County—all ranging in difficulty, none lacking in scenery. From ‘easy’ and ‘intermediate’ to ‘difficult’ there’s sure to be a trail for whatever pace you’re U.P. for. Factors that helped us assess the difficulty level include distance, accessibility, the average amount of time spent on trail and the degree of terrain.




Known for being quick and picturesque, this scenic 2-mile stretch is easily one of the best—and while you can conquer the loop in one fell swoop, you’ll want to make some extra time to soak in the view. Take the paved Peter White Drive which is accessible by foot, bike, or car, opt for the forested route on the inland trails engulfed by a sea of trees or meander on nonmotorized trails you’ll find along the peaceful shoreline.


Boasting panoramic views of Lake Superior and the forested landscape, this scenic overlook in Big Bay is a must-visit. Look out for information posts along the way that describe the plants and local wildlife. Railings, benches, wide paths and onsite toilets make Thomas Rock a fun and easygoing excursion. Park in the onsite lot and take the short ADA-accessible trail for a leisurely hike with rewarding views of Lake Superior, the surrounding wilderness and Big Bay.




Looking for something relatively leisurely that doesn’t lack scenery? Start at the tourist park trailhead (part of the Noquemanon Trail Network) to roam through tree-lined trails and bask along the Dead River Basin.


Whether it’s your first trip to Marquette or your fifth, Sugarloaf Mountain remains on the must-visit list. This half-mile hike is a mere 15-30 minutes to the top, depending on which route you take and while both lead you to the same sweet view—do be prepared to step over rocks and roots and walk up staircases to reach the peak.


The NCT traverses seven states throughout the nation from New York to North Dakota. Located about a mile north of Sugarloaf Mountain, Wetmore Landing is a recommended stretch that delivers striking views of Lake Superior. The best part about the NCT is that you can hike it for as little or long as you’d like.



The first thing you should know about climbing Hogback—with its lack of signage, making it to its summit isn’t a sure thing. A couple of things to note: this hike highlights narrow, twisting trails through groves and rugged grounds and the last half-mile stretch can be quite strenuous. One thing that is for certain—once you make it to the peak, the view is worth the feat.