Standing proud as one of the very first breweries in Marquette County, Jasper Ridge Brewery opened its doors in 1996 and continues to brew up some of the tastiest beer offerings in the state of Michigan. Not to be overlooked by Blackrocks Brewery or Ore Dock Brewing Company in Marquette, this Ishpeming based microbrewery is no slouch when it comes to pouring the good stuff! Travis Charboneau, head brewmaster at Jasper Ridge, has his own method when it comes to crafting up what he considers to be a perfect beer. “I like to dry most beers out,” states Charboneau. “Drying beers out builds a better body with the use of special grains. Just like a dry wine, a dry beer means less sugar is present and it is less sticky to the pallet of the connoisseur. A smooth, refreshing beer with a lower alcohol content is what I really enjoy drinking.” With everything from oatmeal brown ales to traditional English style stouts on the menu, it was hard to pick a beer to feature, but the Furious George III (ESB) Extra Special Bitter really grabbed the attention of my taste buds and claimed the featured spot this month. The Furious George III (ESB) is an English style bitter beer that balances a delicious mix of English hops and malts. A sharpness and bite is present from the malt, and dried fruits make for a flavorful but not overly fruity finish. Don’t be threatened by the Extra Special Bitter title. There are definitely some hops present in this beer, but the malts and fruits compliment a slight bitterness for a very full bodied and non-offensive taste. The Furious George III is a special release beer at Jasper Ridge. Arriving on tap last June, this delicious beer will be available until the end of April to early May, so there’s still plenty of time to make the trip to Ishpeming. Trust that the trip is well worth your time! --Barry Winslow is Director of Public Relations & Social Media at Travel Marquette.