Snow piles in Marquette County are dwindling, the grass is beginning to green, and the many species of birds native to northern Michigan are out and about chirping their beautiful calls. Yes, the season is changing in Marquette County, and after a successful winter of incredible events, spring is being welcomed with open arms by locals and visitors alike. Spring brings waterfall season and if you’ve never experienced the unbelievable power and beauty of some of the seventy-seven waterfalls home to Marquette County, do it now! [caption id="attachment_7143" align="alignright" ]A waterfall on Reany Creek in Marquette County, Michigan. Water rushes over Reany Creek Falls in Marquette County. (Photo Credit: Aaron Peterson)[/caption] There is always something to explore in downtown Marquette. Numerous local restaurants and shopping boutiques line the streets. A hot spot has to be Getz’s Clothiers , a family-owned department store for more than one hundred years, Getz’s is loaded with all of the top outdoor apparel brands to help you gear up for adventure. Tasty food flourishes in Marquette County as well. Everything from cozy coffee shops, farm-to-table fare, Mexican dishes, traditional German cuisine, BBQ, and so much more! Be sure to check out the variety of iconic and locally owned restaurants. There are plenty more options also listed on our dining tab that you won’t want to miss. If shredding some of the greatest mountain bike trails in the country, exploring our arts and culture scene or simply soaking up the sun on the beach sounds appealing to you, start planning your trip today to Marquette County. Navigate north and feel what’s real! Check out a full listing of events on our events calendar right here at