Here in Marquette County, we are fortunate to have an abundance of beautiful trails to play on year-round. However, these trails aren’t made possible without the hard work and dedication of a variety of local organizations and volunteer groups. How can you support those who make our trails so great you ask? Check out the ways listed below!

Volunteers helping with trail maintenance

Volunteer photos courtesy of NTN Trails


Trail systems take a lot of work to maintain, especially during the changing seasons. Our local trail organizations and land managers could use your help in maintaining them for users like yourself to enjoy. Keep an eye out for volunteer days or workshop events. Get out, get your hands dirty, and volunteer for a local org! 

Woman mountain biking on NTN South Trails in Marquette, MI


If you’re visiting from out of town and have fun recreating here, we encourage you to donate at trailhead kiosks or online for a “day use” cost. User donations go a long way and allow local organizations to sustain our recreation areas for years to come. 


Get Your Park Pass

With over 200,000 acres of state land in Marquette County, there is no shortage of opportunities to recreate. Popular areas like Little Presque Isle, Hogback Mountain, and Blueberry Ridge Pathway are all on state land and managed by the Michigan DNR. To access these areas an annual or daily permit is required. You can purchase yours here. This annual permit allows you to access any of these state parks, forests, and recreation areas, all year long. 

Blue trail marker on NCT footbridge

Become a Member

Many of the organizations that manage trails or land here offer memberships for those that often use and love the trails, or simply want to support them more. Membership dollars help greatly with the maintenance, preservation, and expansion of trails, among other things.