Tracking the Northern Lights can be tough, and adding kids to the mix only makes it more challenging, but experiencing the phenomenon as a family—absolutely priceless. It's said solar activity is higher during and around the autumn and spring equinoxes, but here you can catch them year round. McCarty’s Cove Probably the most popular beach in Marquette’s city limits — McCarty’s Cove is as convenient as it is scenic. If you’re looking for the best vantage point of the Auroras but don’t want to breakout your hiking boots, McCarty’s is the way to go. Directions

Presque Isle Park

While Presque Isle Park isn't completely free of city light pollution, there are a few areas around the two-mile loop with adequate darkness for Aurora viewing.  The only downside is that the park currently closes at 11pm in the Summertime and 8pm in the Winter months. Directions

M-28 Beach

This stretch of sandy shore not only offers a stellar view of the night sky (with little light pollution), but is also super convenient to reach by car. Located 11 miles east of downtown Marquette — on a clear, active night — the lights from M-28 Beach will be as visible as they are accessible. Directions Aurora Resources: NOAA, The Aurora Service, or Space Weather.

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