Three Marquette County Waterfalls

Go Chasing Waterfalls

Marquette County is home to more falls than any other county in the state of Michigan, and with the temps warming and snow melting, spring is prime time for visiting them. You can find maps and info on the most popular and accessible ones on our waterfall page



Try to Catch the Northern Lights

While there’s a chance you can catch the northern lights here at any time of year, there’s said to be higher solar activity around the spring and autumn equinoxes. We recommend checking out sites like Space Weather, NOAA, or even the Great Lakes Aurora Hunters Facebook group to find the evening’s predicted Kp (4 or higher means good odds). Then pull up your weather app to ensure there will be clear skies for the night. Once you have those vital checks in place, find a nice north-facing location with little to no light pollution—Sugarloaf Mountain, Wetmore Landing, and M-28 beach are some pretty stellar spots from where we like to watch. Happy hunting!



Hiking, Biking, and Paddling, Oh My!

With the imminent snowmelt and warmer weather, getting outside has never felt better than after a long winter. Spring's the perfect time to take a hike, break out your mountain bike or go for a quick paddle around Presque Isle.  



Enjoy a Drink Outside

Hitting the breweries or exploring the bar scene is fun any season, but enjoying a drink is arguably more satisfying when you're outside. Whether you're feeling a pint, cocktail, or coffee, there are over a dozen establishments with patio seating to suit your tastes.



Dive into Marquette’s Maritime Past

If you have a deep love of history or Gitche Gumme, you'll have a blast diving into Marquette's maritime past at the Marquette Maritime Museum and Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. Take a tour of the lighthouse, then meander through the Maritime Museum and gift shop where you can discover nautical treasures. They reopen for the season in Mid-May and are open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 AM-4 PM.


Two women admiring the Lower Harbor Ore Dock on bike.

Take our Self-Guided City Bike Tour

It’s no secret Marquette is known for its natural beauty and local culture. This 12.4-mile Self-Guided City Bike Tour will lead you to breathtaking outdoor scenery, world-renowned architecture, tasty local delicacies, and some excellently crafted caffeine concoctions.


Plan your spring getaway in Marquette County, Mi