Christine Steele

The Marquette Pet-friendly Itinerary

A Four Paw Adventure There is nothing quite like spending the entire day with your best four-legged friend. Just you and your furry pal, out on the trails, strolling along the beach, then stopping somewhere for a bite to eat—somewhere your fuzzy buddy doesn’t have to wait in the car. Lucky for you…

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Things To Do On The Water In Marquette County

When you have the world’s largest freshwater lake in your backyard, there is no shortage of ways to experience it—from strolling the sandy coves tucked along its rocky shores to diving off the ancient cliffs that tower above it. With 83 miles of Superior shoreline—plus 150 streams and nearly 300…

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Marquette Crafted

It’s no secret that Marquette has become known for its burgeoning beer scene—but craft brews aren’t the only homegrown goodness found U.P. here. Artists and craftsmen join brewers, farmers, chocolatiers and third-generation fishermen to deliver a bounty of local treasures. Here are some recommended…

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