While most of the attractions and activities you'll see or do in Marquette County are sure to make you forget to check your phone, you'll want to remember to bring it on your adventures to capture all of the #ReMARQable memories you'll make. 

The Historic Lower Harbor Ore Dock

The Lower Harbor Ore Dock while no longer in use, is a mammoth concrete and steel structure that serves as a reminder of the city's maritime past and heritage. This picturesque dock is the perfect spot for a photo op while visiting Marquette. 

The Iconic Marquette Harbor Lighthouse

This shining red beacon on the shores of Superior is sure to brighten your day. The Marquette Harbor Lighthouse is an icon of the city and among the most photographed lighthouses in the Great Lakes. The lighthouse is the oldest significant structure in the city and more importantly one of the most historic navigation beacons on Lake Superior, which was critical to the development of the Great Lakes Iron Ore Trade. The Harbor Light was vital to the safe navigation of ships entering Marquette, and to this day still shines to assist ships. 

The 360-degree scenery from the top of Sugarloaf

About 1,000 feet above sea level, at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, you'll find three different viewing platforms, all offering incredible views of Marquette's best. To the south, you'll see the city including some of the iconic structures like the Superior Dome, the world's largest wooden dome, and the still-active, steel-framed Upper Harbor Ore Dock that assists with loading iron ore on to ships. Then take in the panoramic expanse of Lake Superior to the East, and numerous natural attractions like Wetmore Landing and Little Presque Isle to the North, and the notorious Hogback Mountain to the West. 

A look at the sandstone cliffs from Presque Isle Park's Eastside LookoutPresque Isle’s Eastside Lookout

Presque Isle Park might be most popular for its ancient rocks and bluffs of Black Rocks, but the park's East end features towering sandstone cliffs that are just as impressive from above as they are from afar. Snap a pic from the 'lookout area' and then make your way around the rest of the Island while stopping to take in the scenery (and a few more pictures) of this pristine 323-acre forest peninsula and the vast views of Lake Superior along the way. 

A Couple looking out over the lake at Thomas Rock Scenic OverlookThe Underrated Thomas Rock Overlook

Last, but not least, you don't want to overlook this scenic spot. Thomas Rock, located about 26 miles north of Marquette in the small town of Big Bay is sure to take your breath away. Once you park in the designated lot, this short ADA-accessible, crushed-gravel trail provides a relatively easy hike with rewarding views of Lake Superior and Lake Independence that are sure to make you stay long after you've reached the top.


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