The only thing better than a warm summer day is some cold ice cream to wash it down. Make your visit to Marquette County so much sweeter with these 4 must-stop ice cream shops.

Jilbert Dairy

Holy Cow—if you haven’t had a sugar cone from Jilberts, you’re in for a treat! Their peanut butter Mackinac Island Fudge is the ultimate tasty-twist on an otherwise Michigan classic. But before you dig in, you gotta take that obligatory ice cream pic in front of our favorite inanimate cow, Jilly.


Froyo may not technically be “ice cream” but it is definitely the next best thing. With flavors like Strawberry Cheesecake, Tropical Coconut, Italian Cocoa and MANY more, you can’t go wrong. Did we mention Yoop-phoria offers over 25 toppings including various fruits, granolas, and candies—yeah, you just can’t top that.

Frosty Treats

If we had to simply sum up Frosty Treats it'd be that it's worth the wait. We say this because there’s typically a decent line outside the Third St shop on a warm, sunny day. Honestly, even on cloudy or chilly days—it’s just that good. Plus, the wait's a small price to pay, once you see the affordability of their sizes and flavors!


Donckers is the perfect spot to stop for a sweet treat and or a small bite to eat. Take one sip of one of their signature shakes or malts and you’ll see just what we mean. They also have an assortment of all your favorite ice cream flavors, fudges, chocolates and more.